Marisa Peer live

Late sumer 2022

The theme

Ultimate Confidence

Marisa Peer live in Zurich

Marisa Peer is one of the most successfull therapists in the UK and a bestselling author. She helps people to increase the quality in their personal and professional life. Thanks to her funny and engaging personality she was voted Britains best therapist. Her clients are international superstars, athlets and even members of royal families. Not just in her one-on-one meetings but also with her speeches she will make you get a new point of view and increase your quality of life.

Date and agenda will be announced shortly.

Experience Britain's best therapist and bestselling author Marisa Peer live in Zurich.

Marisa Peer

Therapist and bestselling author


Marisa Peer: «I am enough!»

Marisa Peer will talk live on stage about her "I am enough!" movement. The therapist changes peoples lifes with simple words and methods. She increases her client's selfesteem with just one phrase: "I am enough!". It's a simple phrase with an huge impact. Marisa Peer works as a therapist for decades now and improves the quality of her client's lifes.



Zurich, Switzerland

A beautiful town with beautiful people

Zurich is the biggest city in switzerland with over 400.000 residents and best quality in life.

It's no question that Zurich has a very colourful history. You can feel the spirit in the big and lively city centre with the beautiful Niederdorfstraße and it's vibrant nightlife. If you like it a bit more quiet you can look for outdoor activities at the Zürichsee.