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Susan Farner

After several years of practising Kundalini yoga, a yoga school which involves regular meditation tours, I was about to…

Iris Boner

It happened on the morning of the first of January 2012. I got up rather early – after a long night of partying.

Corinne Oeschger

I consciously felt the force of the universe – or an all-pervasive energy – for the first time quite a while ago. 

Siro Barino

The feeling was almost beyond description. As if fluid gold was running through my entire self, as if a warm light was…

Irene Gehring

Juan is standing on the field below. He stretches both hands into the air, palms facing up. He is looking at me,…

Diane Sarah Barino

I have always loved to be out in nature, to listen to its sounds. I love walking through forests filled with noises, and…