The 7 spheres of life...

…of momentX inspire you - especially in this challenging times - to access transformative knowledge that will help you to become aware of your enormous potential, your great creative power and freedom to live your life following your heart’s desires.


Life & Meaning

Explore and achieve your own meaning of life. Allow yourself to be led to your own shining hours and to deep fulfilment. Experience meaning! Evolve and unfold the truth of your heart. Become aware of your enormous potential, of your immeasurable creative power, your unlimited ability to love, and your freedom to live your life by following your heart’s desires. Bring all your talents to the world, and live yourself – a cheerful, life-affirming human being who loves and who gifts life with meaning. Your personal development is your gift to the world.


Occupation & Vocation 

Each human being has a vocation to share their love and joy with the world. No matter what your profession may be – hair stylist, promoter, flight attendant, surgeon, CEO, or employee: Are you just working, or has your occupation long become a vocation? Are you happy and content at work? Does your business practice a deliberate work culture of creation, creativity, and of mutual appreciation? Or do you work in a culture of fear, pressure, and power? The deeper meaning of work is endeavour and fulfilment in harmony with the meaning and purpose of your being. Therefore, shape your work in a way that is beneficial to your personal development and that allows you to live and liven up.


Health & Life Energy

Your physical body is a gift life presents you with. It is a true marvel. Your house. You shape and form it by the way you live, eat, and move, and above all, by the way you think and feel. This means that you have a say when it comes to your physical body, you can change it into a powerful, capable body full of energy. Healing happens through consciousness.


Love & Relationship

We all wish for a good relationship with ourselves, with others, and with life. And we could achieve that, if we did not carry around a heavy bag full of conscious or sub-conscious beliefs, mindsets, behaviours, and memories from our past. From time to time, we therefore all need a reset of our inner hard drive to be able to pursue vibrant, joyful, and love-inspired relationships with the people around us – with our families, partners, friends, colleagues, and superiors. It is time to learn something new, to consciously revive our own love.


Family & Being Child

A wonderful way to go about creating an empathetic and affectionate environment, is to interact with our children with a renewed consciousness. Children closely observe and absorb their parents’ and role models’ way of thinking, feeling, talking, and behaving, and they store what they see in their subconscious mind. Raising our children with deliberation, guided by unconditional love, will enable them to unfold their full potential. This pure strength children possess can inspire us adults and help us grow – alongside them.


Leisure & Joy

Our own life time is for us to live. But are we truly doing that? How much time can you spend doing the things that interest you? Or things that bring you joy? Are you so much caught up in our work and in commitments that you have little time for yourself? Even on days that are actually meant to be for you to enjoy? Do something magical with your leisure time, do something that lets your heart leap for joy! 


Future & Being Human

Transformation is happening worldwide. The speed and extent of change is a massive challenge for all of us. Today is tomorrow’s yesterday. Never before has status quo become obsolete so quickly. Sweeping developments are the norm of our modern world. How can we keep up as people, as companies? What do we have to adapt to – and how do we do that? Who will rule in the future – man or machine? Where is evolution headed? And how do we help shape it? Change is opportunity. It redefines us. Let’s fill it with consciousness!