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My relationships to others...

...reflect the relationship to myself.

We move in a widely ramified network of relationships to people, animals, plants, but also to objects and events, to life itself, to nature, to our planet, to the universe and the multiverse. Whether these relationships give us joy or worry, however, depends on ourselves. Our thoughts and feelings, our inner attitude towards life and the world, towards ourselves and others determine our behavior and how we experience what the world presents us with. - As inside, so outside. Therefore, if we want to experience joy and love in our relationships, it is our sacred duty to be the love ourselves, to perceive ourselves and others with the eyes of love. A permanent exercise that not only pleases our environment, but first and foremost fills ourselves with deep happiness.


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You are not what I was looking for, you are so much more!
J.S. Wiech

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Relationship is the mirror in which you see yourself as you are.
Jiddu Krishnamurti